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Dozens of Reasons to Investigate this New, Patented Heath and Fitness Business Opportunity “IN A BOX”

FITT Systems introduces FitBomb: a complete health, fitness and therapy tool that allows ANYONE, regardless of age, physical limitations or handicap, the ability to regain explosive health and fitness in a very short time.

Operate your own health & fitness center without the massive overhead.

NO COMPETITION: This is a NEW but already proven to be a very powerful and profitable tool. Join this ground floor opportunity that is easiest enough for anyone who wants to generate income on the side or as a full time business.

Millions of people pay unfailingly to get in or keep in shape. But nothing has prepared them for the type of benefits they can expect to experience in a FitBomb.

Money Producing Benefits

  • Go From Hot Yoga to Intense Fitness in 2-Seconds
  • Customers pay to Learn, Practice and Exercise – Yoga, Barre, Pilates, Boxing, Martial Arts – you name it!
  • Build muscle, smart and fast
  • Burn calories without lifting a finger
  • Simulate cardio health and detoxification with overall health improvement
  • Pain elimination – FDA approved technology
  • Age reversal benefits – the only tool for purging the evidence, symptoms and cause of pre-mature aging
  • Beauty enhancement – women find the visual and physical evidence quite addictive
  • Extreme Fascia Massage (trending)

Overview business opportunity

  • Own a self contained “Business In a Box”
  • Patented, state of the art, “game changing”, equipment
  • Massive benefits – attract entire new categories of clients with multiple health, fitness, and therapy benefits
  • Diverse range (20 patented) of features
  • Safe, accessible, and effective, especially for an aging population. This if for anyone, regardless of age, physical limitation, or handicap
  • Complete Tool – FitBomb is everything you need
  • State of the art automation – touch screen, TV, and software (PAS and Wi-Fi enabled)
  • Easy access to hundreds of instructional training, and workout videos
  • No hard work necessary and ideal for absentee owners
  • Hire or align with trainers and therapists who bring clients repeatedly

There is More Big News

We just invented the Power Access System (PAS). Track and automate your sales and usage in real time. This means you provide cards that enable access for a fee.Then you sell and PAS tracks and manages.The first AUTOMATED system like it.

Fitness Industry

  • There were 36,180 U.S. Health Clubs, as of 01/012016, which was up 4.8% over 2015
  • An average 1,528 members per fitness center
  • In 2015, the total U.S. Industry Revenues increased 6.1% to $25.8 billion
  • More than 64 million Americans utilized a club in 2015
  • Total health club/gym/studio visits surpassed 5 billion in 2015

Strategic Advantages 

  • Be FIRST in the market
  • Operate your own, independent health and fitness center, without the MASSIVE OVERHEAD
  • Marketing plan for quick start profit strategies
  • Power Access System, (PAS) – track and automate your sales and usage in real time
  • Own and market the only business with a patented tool that produces indispensable benefits of which no other equipment is capable
  • Use it yourself, while making more money. Perfect for your own health and fitness at the same time

FITT Systems provides training, marketing assistance, and software setup. As well as, ongoing training, and cooperative engagement which takes place to enhance and help promote all participants in a collective manner. Also, sample TV ads and other editable marketing materials are available.

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